How to convert a GPT disk to MBR
Converting GPT to MBR may be required in different cases. A common option is an error. Installing Windows on this drive is not possible. The selected drive has a GPT…

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Computer motherboard, what is it for and what does it look like
The computer motherboard is that foundation on which all the components of the system unit are built. The role of the computer motherboard cannot be overestimated. After all, it depends…

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DIY computer assembly
Detailed DIY assembly instructions. Let's start it by installing the processor and motherboard. Installing the processor and motherboard. Before you start assembling your computer yourself, let's look at the figure…

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Computer Central Processing Unit (CPU)

Today we are considering the central processing unit of the computer CPU (Central Processing Unit – Central Processing Unit or CPU). This is the heart of the system unit or, if you like, its brain! In computer jargon it is sometimes called “stone” (crystalline silicon really looks like a stone).

This is the main processor of information coming into the computer. The central processor performs all the necessary mathematical operations with the incoming data, makes various samples from the databases, archives and unzips our files, deals with video encoding, processes the model of the physical interaction of particles in your favorite computer game, finally! Continue reading

Computer system unit, device and composition

So, what does the computer system unit consist of? An important clarification here is that under the word “computer” different people can mean, oddly enough, different things: a monitor, a printer, a computer case, even … a computer mouse! But what about? Indeed, “the arrow on the monitor does not move” means that the computer is not working! 🙂 But you and I will be interested in exactly that “iron box that stands under the table”, and the name is its system unit! 🙂

Note: the system unit, as a rule, is called a computer already assembled and ready for operation, and the case is just an iron box into which its various components can be installed.

For greater clarity (to consider all the components of the computer separately), you can read the article on assembling a computer with your own hands. Continue reading

Computer power supply

In this article we will talk about one of the most important parts of a computer – the power supply, you will find out what important role it plays in a personal computer. The main function of the power supply unit is to convert the AC voltage in the household power supply network (220 V) to DC, with a nominal value of 12 (twelve), 5 (five) and 3.3 (three) Volts, which various components of our computer consume.

The computer’s power supply is responsible for the uninterrupted power supply of the entire system unit. The failure of this node completely de-energizes the computer and it stops turning on. Or it starts to “glitch” in the most unpredictable way, which is also not kosher 🙂 Continue reading

Sound card for computer

Sound card is an integral attribute of a multimedia computer. Previously, when PCs were ancient and terribly slow, you had to buy a sound card for a computer separately, select the necessary type of connector, install it, and then carefully configure it in the right program. Who remembers what DOS applications are, he will understand me 🙂

Now – everything is much simpler! Sound cards for computers are divided into several categories:

made in the form of a separate printed circuit board, installed inside the system unit (discrete)
integrated (on board), which are an integral part of the motherboard
external (for example – USB) solutions Continue reading

Computer RAM

So, the computer’s RAM, which is also called volatile. She – DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) – dynamic random access memory or random access memory, in abbreviated form – RAM.

Let’s see why it is called that way? While the computer is in operation, all data and programs that are running while the user is working are stored in RAM. The word “volatile” in relation to memory means only that when the system unit is turned off (shut down), the computer’s RAM is reset. All its contents disappear.

There is also non-volatile memory – this is the hard drive of your computer, because the data on it is saved even after turning off the power. Continue reading

Computer power supply
In this article we will talk about one of the most important parts of a computer - the power supply, you will find out what important role it plays in…


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