How to install windows from a flash drive
In this article, I will answer the three most popular questions that arise for PC users who decide to install Windows 7 or Windows 8, 8.1, 10 from a USB…

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Types of Printers
Do you know what types of printers are? There were no monitors before, and the information was printed exclusively on paper, so the printer can be called the first output…

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When you turn on the computer beeps
The essence of the problem: When the computer turns on, it immediately starts squeaking. Solution: 1. You need to know the BIOS manufacturer of your motherboard. The easiest option is…

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Computer network card

Let’s start our topic with the fact that network cards are different and may differ, both in the range of tasks to be solved and in the form factor (appearance). A network card is also often referred to as an Ethernet (Ethernet) controller, network adapter or NIC (Network Interface Card) adapter.

First of all, let’s divide network cards into two large groups:

External network cards
Built-in or integrated (onboard)
Let’s start with the external ones. From the name itself, it follows that network cards of this type are installed in the computer system unit additionally (as a separate expansion card) or as another external device. Continue reading

Computer hard drive

The computer’s hard drive (also known as HDD (Hard Disk Drive), it is also a hard drive, it is also a magnetic drive, it is also called “screw” and “hard”). Non-volatile storage of our collections of films and other files 🙂 “Non-volatile” in this case means that all stored information after turning off the power to the computer remains on the hard drive.

Computer hard drive

What are these functions (in addition to directly storing our data) performs a computer hard drive? We install all of our software on it. Continue reading

Computer motherboard, what is it for and what does it look like

The computer motherboard is that foundation on which all the components of the system unit are built.

The role of the computer motherboard cannot be overestimated. After all, it depends only on her. Will you be able to expand the functionality of your PC in the future or not? Increase the amount of RAM, put a more efficient graphics card? Will the further expansion (“upgrade” – upgrade) of the entire system allow the presence of additional, initially unused, slots and connectors? It’s like the foundation of a house: make it not high quality and, over time, the structure may collapse. Continue reading

Choosing a receipt printer

By the method of printing, check printers are thermo-printing and dot-matrix. If matrix models are cheap, image quality is much better for devices that are based on thermal printing. Next, we’ll talk about receipt printers and help you choose a receipt printer.

Matrix receipt printers that you can purchase here produce strong background noises, need regular replacement of the ink composition, and do not live up to expectations when working with complex graphic elements such as logos, monograms and drawings. Continue reading

How to connect a TV to a computer

Watch your favorite movie on the “big screen”, play a game so that everyone enjoys contemplation, well, or just watch some video, photographs or something else – this may be necessary to connect the TV to the computer.

Modern technologies allow you to use the TV to view photos and videos encoded in almost any way, many of them even allow you to go online or play simple games without the help of consoles, but, of course, not everyone can afford a new TV – however, even this In this case, you can still connect your TV through a computer! Continue reading

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Computer system unit, device and composition
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Computer hard drive
The computer’s hard drive (also known as HDD (Hard Disk Drive), it is also a hard drive, it is also a magnetic drive, it is also called “screw” and “hard”).…