Computer hard drive
The computer’s hard drive (also known as HDD (Hard Disk Drive), it is also a hard drive, it is also a magnetic drive, it is also called “screw” and “hard”).…

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Computer motherboard, what is it for and what does it look like
The computer motherboard is that foundation on which all the components of the system unit are built. The role of the computer motherboard cannot be overestimated. After all, it depends…

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How to apply thermal grease to the processor
In this article I will talk about such an important point in computer business - replacing thermal paste on the processor. You will learn how to properly apply thermal grease…

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DIY RAM installation

Do-it-yourself installation of RAM should be done in a case in which there is already a fixed motherboard and processor. Something like this:

Do-it-yourself RAM installation
In the photo above we see that the installation of RAM has already been done. We also see the installed motherboard and power supply (indicated by an arrow).

In general, it must be said that if you buy a computer case, then often it comes with a power supply unit and you do not need to install it. But in any case, the procedure for installing the power supply in the case is not difficult: put it in the space provided for this (usually at the top of the system unit) Continue reading

DIY computer assembly

Detailed DIY assembly instructions. Let’s start it by installing the processor and motherboard.

Installing the processor and motherboard.
Before you start assembling your computer yourself, let’s look at the figure below. It presents all the main components from which the computer will be assembled with your own hands (with our own hands) 🙂
We will briefly go over the individual components of our “experimental”, so that assembly of a computer with our own hands would seem to us more holistically. Continue reading

Types of Printers

Do you know what types of printers are?

There were no monitors before, and the information was printed exclusively on paper, so the printer can be called the first output device. But printers did not share the fate of typewriters, and today they remain an important device in our daily lives. Neither offices, nor offices, nor banks, nor cash desks do without printers. And many people in the house have their personal printer.

There are three types of home printers: dot-matrix, ink-jet and laser. Each of them has its own characteristics, its pros and cons. Continue reading

Case for computer

Today we will talk about such an important thing as the computer case. This case is the foundation of our PC and it is necessary to approach its choice with all seriousness.

Often, the entire system unit is called the computer case, but this is not true! This case is a metal shell on which all the components of our computer are mounted. It is sometimes called the “case”. The functions of the case are also included;

protection of the “insides” of the system unit from external physical effects
maintaining optimal temperature conditions (with proper cooling organization)
shielding electromagnetic radiation generated by a working PC Continue reading

What are SSD drives and how do they work?

Today we will analyze the main points and principles of functioning of the technology of solid-state SSD drives. As you remember, in the first part of the article we conducted a comparative test of one SSD and two HDD drives. We examined how it looks from the inside and of what basic blocks it consists of.

Also – they listed the main advantages of this technology, and now we will consider the disadvantages that are inherent in it at the moment. We will present the main ones in the form of a list:

High (relative to HDD disks) cost of data storage, i.e. – we get less disk capacity for big money Continue reading

Choosing a receipt printer
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How to make a bootable USB flash drive Windows 7 and Windows 8
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WinLock: Windows Blocker
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When you turn on the computer beeps
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