Computer network card
Let's start our topic with the fact that network cards are different and may differ, both in the range of tasks to be solved and in the form factor (appearance).…

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How paper quality affects printer wear
This material will help many users to find out a useful thing, namely, how the quality of the paper affects the wear of the printer, and which paper to buy…

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How to make a bootable USB flash drive Windows 7 and Windows 8
A multiboot flash drive that has several operating systems on board at once, for example, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8, is a very useful tool that any modern…

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Printer prints white sheets – what to do

The printer prints white sheets – a situation that has occurred in almost every office worker or owner of this device, who uses it at home. The bulk of users solve this problem guided by personal experience, knowledge or intuition, which does not always lead to the desired result, and sometimes ends with a serious breakdown. What algorithm of actions is considered correct and optimal in the opinion of experts, let’s analyze this question in more detail. Continue reading

What is a light console

The light console is a specialized user interface that allows you to have quick and efficient control of lighting equipment.

Just like using a computer keyboard, we write letters and numbers, from the light console we control the intensity of the light level, or various automatic functions, or set various commands by pressing the buttons. All these functions are carried out on various linear or rotary controls, or on buttons, which is more convenient than controlling the lighting program using a standard keyboard or mouse. The keyboard is used to enter parameters, assign a name to the device, or select items on the console, but usually all control is done using faders and buttons. Continue reading

Monitor Calibration Devices

Monitor calibration devices allow both calibration and profiling. Most calibrators look like a computer mouse and attach to the display. Included with the device is a program that displays on the monitor a consistent set of colors and tones that are measured and recorded by the device.

The most common calibrators are:

ColorEyes Display,
ColorVision Spyder,
Rite Eye-One Display,
ColorMunki Photo. Continue reading

Monitor calibration

Monitor calibration is a necessary preparatory stage for pre-printing photographs and images, without which all efforts to select the most suitable and spectacular colors will be in vain. Incorrect color reproduction will lead to the fact that the printed photographs turn out to be too dark or, on the contrary, overexposed, and people’s faces will acquire an unnatural shade.

Calibration of the monitor can be carried out using special calibrators designed for this, but not every photographer has such a device. In the first part of this article, we will consider those methods that will allow you to calibrate the monitor without the use of additional equipment. Continue reading

How to convert a GPT disk to MBR

Converting GPT to MBR may be required in different cases. A common option is an error. Installing Windows on this drive is not possible. The selected drive has a GPT partition style, which occurs when you try to install the x86 version of Windows 7 on a disk with a GPT partition system or on a computer without a UEFI BIOS. Although other options are possible when it may be needed.

In order to convert GPT to MBR you can use standard Windows tools (including during installation) or special programs designed for these purposes. In this instruction I will show various conversion methods. Continue reading

What are SSD drives and how do they work?
Today we will analyze the main points and principles of functioning of the technology of solid-state SSD drives. As you remember, in the first part of the article we conducted…


How to install windows from a flash drive
In this article, I will answer the three most popular questions that arise for PC users who decide to install Windows 7 or Windows 8, 8.1, 10 from a USB…


Case for computer
Today we will talk about such an important thing as the computer case. This case is the foundation of our PC and it is necessary to approach its choice with…


How paper quality affects printer wear
This material will help many users to find out a useful thing, namely, how the quality of the paper affects the wear of the printer, and which paper to buy…