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Liquid and air cooling of the computer

Now almost every house has a computer. These electronic machines consume kilowatts from our outlets. Of these, only a small part is spent directly on calculations, and the rest is processed into heat.

The hottest component of a PC is the processor. It is so hot that it burns itself without cooling in about 10 seconds. Modern processors are becoming more and more “cold”, however, they are still far from the heat emission of household devices, such as, for example, a DVD player.

Photo processor for PC
Computer processor. Often, the hottest component of a PC.

The largest heat dissipation after the processor is the power supply. In third place are modern video cards.

The need for PC cooling
All of the above components require special cooling, without which they will burn for several minutes. Modern computers use 2 types of cooling:

Liquid cooling
Air cooling
Liquid cooling
Liquid cooling a computer – remove heat from a PC using coolant. Liquid cooling systems (LLS) of a computer are distinguished mainly by a reduced noise level.

Adherents of a quiet computer who fight for every decibel find a solution to their problems in the LSS.

The disadvantages of liquid cooling are the high price (~ $ 400), the complexity of installation and the maintenance requirement (topping up the coolant, etc.)

It is because of the high price that the vast majority of computers are sold with an air cooling system.

Air cooling
The essence of air cooling is simple:

A metal radiator is installed on the “hot” component of the computer. It, as a rule, is a flat base and a lattice above it. The radiator base is greased with thermal grease and mounted on a heated chip. Thermal grease serves as a conductor of heat between the base and the chip.
A fan is installed on the radiator. The function of the fan is to blow through the grille and dissipate the heat generated by the chipset.
The noise of rotating fans is the buzz we hear when the computer is running. Actually, not the computer is buzzing, but the cooling fans.

Photo of the radiator and fan on the motherboard
Aerial CO. A radiator is installed on the motherboard, which is cooled by a fan.

The advantages of an air cooling system include low price and high efficiency.

The possibilities of heat dissipation in air CO are much higher than in liquid cooling. And if you calculate the ratio of the allocated watts of heat to cost, then air cooling will exceed liquid cooling by an order of magnitude.

The disadvantage of air cooling is the increased noise level that we have to endure when working at a computer.

What to choose? If you are an ordinary computer user – air cooling is your choice. If a few hundred dollars weigh down your pocket and you are ready to spend it on a computer with the noise level of a domestic video recorder – choose liquid cooling.

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