Computer system unit, device and composition
So, what does the computer system unit consist of? An important clarification here is that under the word “computer” different people can mean, oddly enough, different things: a monitor, a…

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Solving a problem with a laptop webcam: no picture (black screen)
In our repair practice, sometimes there are "mystical" cases. We have: a new HP laptop. The camera is visible in the device manager. It’s written in the camera’s properties that…

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Monitor Calibration Devices
Monitor calibration devices allow both calibration and profiling. Most calibrators look like a computer mouse and attach to the display. Included with the device is a program that displays on…

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Types of Printers

Do you know what types of printers are?

There were no monitors before, and the information was printed exclusively on paper, so the printer can be called the first output device. But printers did not share the fate of typewriters, and today they remain an important device in our daily lives. Neither offices, nor offices, nor banks, nor cash desks do without printers. And many people in the house have their personal printer.

There are three types of home printers: dot-matrix, ink-jet and laser. Each of them has its own characteristics, its pros and cons.


The very first printers in mass production were dot matrix printers. The first dot matrix printer was launched in sixty-fourth by Seiko Epson. Dot matrix printers are great for low-cost mass printing, and they can produce up to five copies at a time. But with them you can not get a high-quality image.
Until the 2000s, dot-matrix printers were the most common. Today they occupy only one tenth of the market share.

The principle of information output:

The image is formed by the “acupuncture method”. The needle hits the paper through the ink ribbon (the ink is between the needle and the paper) and leaves a dot on the paper. And collectively, such points form an image.

• Low price;
• High resource (about eight million lines);
• High reliability;
• Durability.

• Low print speed;
• High volume;
• Poor print quality;
• Limited color printing.

Inkjet Printers

The most common printers today are inkjet printers. The first inkjet printer was manufactured by Siemens in the fifty-first year. There are 3 types of inkjet printers – piezoelectric, drop-on-demand, or thermal inkjet. The most common are the latter, as they produce higher quality text.

The principle of information output:

In inkjet printers, as in matrix printers, the image is formed from dots. But they differ from matrix ones in that matrices printing with liquid dyes act instead of needles.

• Relatively low price compared to laser printers;
• A huge selection of different variations of inkjet printers;
• Printing speed is much higher than that of dot-matrix printers;
• Small dimensions
• Low volume operation.

• High price of service;
• Relatively low print speed compared to laser printers;
• The price is much higher than that of dot-matrix printers;
• The complexity of maintenance.


The highest quality images are obtained with laser printers. The first laser printer was invented in the seventy-eighth year by Xerox. Laser printers are indispensable for printing high-quality photographs and graphics. But for mass printing, they are very unprofitable.

The principle of information output:

Laser printers use xerographic printing. An image is formed when the photosensitive elements are illuminated by a laser.

• Have the highest printing speed;
• Allow you to make high quality images;
• Lower maintenance cost than an inkjet printer;

• Not environmentally friendly (ozone is emitted during operation);
• Very high price;
• Large amount of energy consumption
• High cost of service
• Large dimensions

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