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Printer prints white sheets – what to do

The printer prints white sheets – a situation that has occurred in almost every office worker or owner of this device, who uses it at home. The bulk of users solve this problem guided by personal experience, knowledge or intuition, which does not always lead to the desired result, and sometimes ends with a serious breakdown. What algorithm of actions is considered correct and optimal in the opinion of experts, let’s analyze this question in more detail.

Why the printer prints white sheets
After completing the usual procedure for sending a “Word document”, photograph or picture (many modern printers are equipped with the color printing function), the user discovers that a clean sheet (s) has come out of the device despite the fact that all mechanical actions (paper capture and passage) have passed normally. The main mistake is a repeated attempt (some spend it 3-4 times) to send the document for printing.In the event of a failure, after its completion, it will be printed exactly as many times as the “Print” command was activated. Therefore, carefully study the sequence of finding out the causes of the malfunction, this will save you time and supplies.

Reboot the printer by unplugging it from the network (using the button or unplugging the plug) and turn it back on after 2-3 minutes. A possible reason may be:

Overheating of the print head, which happens when the device is overly active.
Failure of system settings, which will restart automatically after connecting to the network.
The lack of contact of the computer cable can also cause a similar defect, therefore, you should additionally make sure that it is securely fixed in the corresponding connection socket.

While the printer is “Cooling down”, a complete reboot of the computer device should be carried out. Very often problems arise due to a malfunction in its software.

Checking Supplies
Before attempting to open the printer cover to remove the cartridge, make sure that the quality of the paper you are using matches the size of this device, and if it matches, proceed to the next step:

Open the cover and carefully remove the cartridge.
Verify that the protective film has been removed from the print head.
Check if the cartridge is compatible with the malfunctioning device.
Blank sheets due to lack of paint can be mainly on devices of the inkjet principle of operation. Laser counterparts will print more and more pale prints, as a result of which replacement, refilling of the cartridge will be carried out long before the appearance of the so-called white sheets. For example, refilling a laser printer cartridge, see refilling laser printers. You may find instructions for refilling your cartridge. Basically, these are such popular printer models as HP1010, 1015, 1018, or 1020 with Q2612A cartridges, or the HP LaserJet P2035, P2055, P2055dn printer with CE505A, CE505X cartridges.

Printer installation drivers can “crash” as a result of viruses, installing software, or connecting additional equipment. In this case, printer malfunctions are quite natural. The exact cause can be determined as follows:

Enter the “Dispatcher” through the computer control panel.
Activate the “Printers” line.
If there are problems with the drivers, the computer will indicate them with yellow or red triangles. In this case, you need to download and install their “fresh” version from the official website of the printer manufacturer or use the installation disk that is included in the kit.

Mechanical breakdown
Almost every printer includes a whole range of mechanical moving parts that allow you to grab and stretch paper through the print head. Made of plastic, they can break even with little physical impact. Lack of tight fit of the paper to the cartridge may cause a print defect.

Computer device
If the user uses the capabilities of his computer device to the maximum, ignoring preventive measures (disk defragmentation, full virus scan), a printing problem may occur as a result of:

Banal lack of space on the device’s disk to process information sent to print – just go to “My Computer” and check this option.
The presence of a malicious program that blocks sending – you should update the antivirus and run a scan.
You can check for these problems by sending a test page to print (the procedure is performed from the “Printers” tab). If it is successfully printed, then proceed to the implementation of the proposed activities.


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