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A new type of fraud: blocking social. networks

Recently, social networking sites are gaining immense popularity.

A social network is a site that visitors themselves are filling in. As a rule, social networks allow you to create a page with your data and correspond, exchange photos and videos with other members of the social network.

Social network involves mass. It is interesting when there is someone to communicate with – friends, acquaintances.

The most popular social networks:

VKontakte (135 million users)
Classmates (45 million users)
My (11 million users)
Social Media Fraud
Some particularly entrepreneurial citizens could not help but pay attention to the explosive growth in the audience of social networks.

An ordinary user of a social network is a person with a low level of computer literacy. He often began to use the Internet to search for friends and communicate with them. It is from computer illiteracy that scammers profit from social network users.

For example, in classmates, the user can see those who “came to visit him,” that is, opened his page, looked at photographs. And in contact, this is not possible. However, the user is very tempted to view their “guests”.

One example of a fraud is a site offering this service.

Example of cheating user VKontakte
A fraudulent site offering visitors to the page
The appearance of the site is completely made for the appearance of the social network Vkontakte. The message that a new application for viewing “guests” is being introduced comes allegedly from the founder of this social network, Pavel Durov.

The browser asks for confirmation of the launch of the program.
After clicking “Set counter”, the browser asks for confirmation of the launch.

The virus asks to close all browsers
Malicious program asks to close the browser window.

Virus asks for contact details
The virus asks for data to enter the social network. They are needed to send a link to the viral site to all friends. Thus, the program is distributed. An invitation to install the program to all his friends is sent from the “infected” user.

Enter the login information and click install. After installation, the program forcibly restarts the computer.

Vkontakte page blocked allegedly for spamming
After rebooting and entering the social network, we get a message that the page is locked.

Despite the fact that the address of the browser contains the address of the social network, the malware replaces the contents of the site.

The size of the fine extorted by the virus
It is reported that spamming was sent from the user and a fine was imposed on him.

Yandex is also blocked.
Not only the site of this social network is blocked. Search engines are closed, apparently, so that an infected user cannot find a solution to the problem via the Internet.

What to do?
In no case do not send money to the fraudster. The amount is not large, but, as a rule, the unlock will not happen. Under various pretexts, they will require at least one more payment. But then unlocking may not occur.

The operating system is infected with a virus that blocks access to the Internet. It is necessary to carry out a special procedure for treating viruses, after which your computer will work normally again.

Antivirus protection
A legitimate question may arise: why didn’t my antivirus program work? The reasons may be as follows:

Antivirus developers have not yet made the signature of this virus
Your antivirus is not effective
Your antivirus is not updated

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