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Avast! 2015 Free – worthy and free anti-virus protection

Today in the world practice of implementing solutions for protection against malware, the developments of the Czech company Avast Software are widely used. The number of active users of the company’s products is more than 230 million people.

The most recent antivirus from Avast Software is version number 2015. In this article, we will consider its free version of Avast! Free 2015, designed for home and non-commercial use.

All screenshots presented in the instructions were made as of November 11, 2014. Perhaps in the future, Avast Software may change the site or registration procedure. Therefore, the pictures below may vary slightly.
Download and install Avast antivirus
Avast 2015 runs on the Windows OS line (including support for the latest Windows 8.1).

We do not recommend installing multiple antivirus programs at the same time. Before Installing Avast! Be sure to remove the old antivirus software.
To get a free version of this product, just visit the official site of the developer

Download Avast! 2015 free
Click the “Download Free” button

Download Avast! 2015 Free! Choose a free version
Choosing a Free Antivirus

Download will start automatically. After starting the downloaded file, we observe the following window:

Install Avast! 2015 free
Click “Normal Installation”. If necessary, uncheck if you do not want to install Google Chrome

Install Avast! 2015 free
Read the agreement and click Continue.

Install Avast! 2015 Free. Installation progress
Installation progress

Install Avast! 2015 Free. Installation completed
Installation completed. select “Finish”

Register antivirus Avast! 2015 free
After installation, we observe the following window:

Main window of Avast! 2015 Free Antivirus
After installation, we have 30 days to register a free key. But we will not delay it. We go to the “Settings”, then “Registration”.

Register Avast! 2015 Free. Sign up
Current status – you are not registered! Click “Register”

Register Avast! 2015 Free. Choose the standard version.
We choose standard protection.

Register Avast! 2015 Free. Specify data
Enter your data (name, surname and e-mail) and press the green button

Register Avast 8 Free. We refuse an upgrade
Here you need to select “I prefer to leave the basic protection”

Is completed. Avast has provided you with a key to update your anti-virus databases for a period of 1 year.

What’s new in Avast! 2015 Free
Avast Antivirus 2015 is a continuation of previous versions and contains the following functions:

Function “Remote Assistance” (Remote Assistance). Using the access code, you can transfer the ability to control the computer to another, more experienced user who can remotely perform a series of actions and solve some urgent problem. Avast Free remote control
Remote Help at Avast! 2015 Free

Function “Browser Cleanup”. Currently, every second popular site obsessively offers to install a toolbar (popularly – a toolbar), which supposedly speeds up access to services, etc. Inexperienced users often agree with the installation. As a result, the Internet browser “clogs” and begins to “slow down”. To solve this problem in Avast! 2015 Free is a special tool.

Avast Free Browser Cleanup
Browser Cleanup Feature in Avast! 2015 Free

Function “Software Updater”. Checks for the latest software on your computer and signals the need for updates. This reduces the risk of malware infection through vulnerabilities in older versions of programs.

Avast Free Software Updater
Software Updater feature in Avast

Emergency Disk Feature. Creates a bootable CD or flash drive containing the latest virus updates and antivirus. A great option for the treatment of viruses and rootkits.

Avast Free Rescue Disk
Browser Cleanup Feature in Avast! 2015 Free

Today, Avast Free is one of the best antivirus software available. However, a number of reviews indicate that it is rather weak and often works as a “sieve”, over and over again passing dangerous software. Some users also declare some defects, “dampness” of the product, noting, however, a satisfactory quality of protection and high speed.

To summarize: Is Avast 2015 really optimal for the user?

The quality of the free version of Avast cannot be called impeccable, but in its segment it deservedly occupies a leading position, successfully competing with Avira and AVG antiviruses. The developer is constantly improving and developing its flagship product, which inspires hope for a further increase in its reliability. Being one of the most lightweight and resource-demanding software systems, Avast compares favorably with its functionality.


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