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X79T LGA 2011 motherboard (X79-Turbo V1.01)

Review of the Chinese motherboard PLEXHD X79 Turbo (the exact marking is X79-Turbo V1.01, also known as X79T) is a promising new fall-winter 2018. The motherboard has standard functionality for the Chinese, but costs a little cheaper than its competitors and stands out for its pleasant appearance. Different manufacturers may be found: VAKIND, HUANAN, HUANANZHI, PlexHD and others.

Motherboard specifications
Socket LGA 2011
Chipset B75, Q77 or other desktop
Supported processors Intel Core I7, Xeon 1600, 2600 (v1, v2)
Supported RAM 4 x DDR3 DIMM, four-channel, support for ECC and non-ECC memory
3 x PCI-e x16 expansion slots
2 x PCI-e X1
Disk subsystem 1 x SATA 3.0 (2 on version with Q77)
4 x SATA 2.0
1 x Nvme (pci-e x4 2.0)
1 x fan headers for CPU cooler
2 x for case fans
Ports 2 x PS / 2
2 x USB 3.0 (+ remote to case)
6 x USB 2.0
1 x LAN (RJ45)
7.1 audio
Form Factor and Dimensions, mm ATX
Appearance immediately reminds huanan x79 deluxe and huanan x79 2.49. The postcode indicator is soldered on the board, there are power and reset buttons (they have never been seen in Chinese boards before).

Outwardly, the board looks very nice, the black and green colors were borrowed from huanan, and there is a backlight (alas, only red).

A set of ports is also characteristic of modern Chinese on the 2011 socket. For the processor power, the standard 7 phases are responsible. The 6pin connector is soldered on the board, but it is intended for additional power supply for pci-e ports. The mount for the cooler is full, from the 2011 socket. The layout of the elements itself is a bit cramped, very large coolers during installation can almost touch memory modules. It is worth noting the declared support for both ati crossfire and nvidia sli, but the latter’s performance is in doubt.

Bios X79T and overclocking
The board works on the usual bios from american megatrends, the number of settings is not much different from the same huanans. There is an operating sleep mode (it does not work for everyone, the reasons are not yet clear) and the ability to control the speed of 4-pin coolers.

For proper sleep, you need to switch this parameter to s3 mode.

Early batches require modified BIOS firmware to be able to disperse. In the last installments, there was a hidden possibility of editing timings and overclocking memory up to 2133 MHz, you can download modified versions of BIOSes here.

Timing editing, available after Bios firmware.

Now PLEXHD X79 Turbo is on sale on aliexpress. The price at the moment is noticeably lower than that of competitors. Let me remind you that these motherboards are found under different brands of manufacturers, at least I saw 3. The price of a motherboard is within $ 100.

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