DIY RAM installation
Do-it-yourself installation of RAM should be done in a case in which there is already a fixed motherboard and processor. Something like this: Do-it-yourself RAM installation In the photo above…

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DIY RAM installation

Do-it-yourself installation of RAM should be done in a case in which there is already a fixed motherboard and processor. Something like this:

Do-it-yourself RAM installation
In the photo above we see that the installation of RAM has already been done. We also see the installed motherboard and power supply (indicated by an arrow).

In general, it must be said that if you buy a computer case, then often it comes with a power supply unit and you do not need to install it. But in any case, the procedure for installing the power supply in the case is not difficult: put it in the space provided for this (usually at the top of the system unit)

Installing a computer power supply

and securely fasten with four bolts on the back wall of the computer case.

But we will not connect power yet, but we will install the RAM. In the figure below we see how this is done correctly. It is necessary to snap off the plastic clips on the connector itself, carefully insert the RAM module into the groove passing through the entire connector and gently but firmly press it downward perpendicularly until it clicks and fits snugly into the slot. At the same time, the plastic clips on the sides will snap into place on their own, if not, look carefully at whether the memory bar has “sat down” as needed and snap it into place.

In the figure, at the same time, the CPU_FAN fan power connector is circled.

Installing RAM Installing RAM

Attention! You can damage the computer! Installing RAM with your own hands is a responsible matter. Therefore, before installing it, it is very important to make sure that you install a memory module that is suitable for it according to its physical characteristics. For example, only DDR2 memory is installed in the DDR2 connector, only DDR3 form factor memory is installed in the DDR3 connectors, etc.

If during the installation of RAM it was found that there is no sticker (special sticker) on it that indicates the type of memory, you can navigate purely visually by the “key”. The key is called a special “section”, dividing it into several parts at the bottom of the RAM. Accordingly, each memory slot has a protrusion in the same place. The “key” serves as a kind of protection against attempts to install RAM in a slot that is not suitable for it in terms of physical characteristics.

Here’s what the two “keys” look like on the old SD-RAM standard memory:

If you do not want to open the computer, then I recommend using the CPU-Z program to determine what type of RAM is installed in it. It will show what type of components your PC consists of. We examined the work of this wonderful utility in this article.

So, we install all the available memory chips in the slots. On modern motherboards, they are often marked in different colors (two yellow slots, two red). This is a dual-channel mode of using RAM, which slightly increases its throughput.

To use the two-channel (or three-channel) memory mode, we need to insert the strips in pairs: we install two identical modules in the connectors of the same color, then we install the other two in the connectors of a different color. To get the maximum effect, the memory microcircuits should be really the same in their frequency performance, timings, CAS and RAS delays. Ideally, they should be bought at a computer firm at one point in time 🙂

Moreover, the colors of the memory slots on the computer motherboard alternate, for example: yellow, red, yellow, red.

RAM slots; RAM slots

We snap all the clips, make sure that all memory modules “sit” in the connectors evenly (the memory chips should be on the same height line, without raised edges and “protruding” latches).

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