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Solving a problem with a laptop webcam: no picture (black screen)

In our repair practice, sometimes there are “mystical” cases.

We have: a new HP laptop. The camera is visible in the device manager. It’s written in the camera’s properties that the device works fine, but the picture itself is not in Skype or in any other program.

We try to solve the problem in simple ways.
Reinstalling Windows, searching for driver updates on the official website did not produce results. If you check the camera through the popular verification site:

Screenshot of the browser on the camera verification site
In Skype, we see a black screen and a rotating standby indicator.

The camera does not work in Skype
In the process of finding a solution, a good video was found with a similar problem. But, in our case, these actions did not give a result. Driver updates through Windows Update were not found and it did not help to shine a flashlight into the camera. However, it may be useful to you:
Install Cyberlink Youcam
Watching the video came up with the thought of using Youcam. The official version of this software for the camera from Cyberlink was bundled with the laptop. Youcam installs the Cyberlink webcam Splitter virtual webcam, with which you can share the video stream between the two programs and apply various effects to the video in real-time mode. We start and observe a bleak picture: there are still no pictures from the camera.

There are still no pictures from the camera in Youcam
It was experimentally established that if you lower the resolution of the webcam (in our case, to 352×288), the camera starts to work! In our case, we performed this operation through the Youcam settings panel.

The camera gives a picture
Webcam Image on Youcam

We expose in Skype as the active camera “Cyberlink webcam splitter” and observe the long-awaited picture.

Skype webcam image
Of the inconveniences of this method, the need to change the default camera to “Cyberlink webcam splitter” everywhere can be noted. On the other hand, this is the only option that we found to make the webcam work without returning the laptop back under warranty.

This method of solving the problem did not meet us on the Internet and, of course, has the right to exist.

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