Avast! 2015 Free - worthy and free anti-virus protection
Today in the world practice of implementing solutions for protection against malware, the developments of the Czech company Avast Software are widely used. The number of active users of the…

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WinLock: Windows Blocker
WinLock is a family of computer viruses that interfere with the operation of a computer and require a cash payment in favor of the author. WinLock is a separate family…

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How to convert a GPT disk to MBR
Converting GPT to MBR may be required in different cases. A common option is an error. Installing Windows on this drive is not possible. The selected drive has a GPT…

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help to shine a flashlight

What are SSD drives and how do they work?

Today we will analyze the main points and principles of functioning of the technology of solid-state SSD drives. As you remember, in the first part of the article we conducted a comparative test of one SSD and two HDD drives. We examined how it looks from the inside and of what basic blocks it consists of.

Also – they listed the main advantages of this technology, and now we will consider the disadvantages that are inherent in it at the moment. We will present the main ones in the form of a list:

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How to install windows from a flash drive

In this article, I will answer the three most popular questions that arise for PC users who decide to install Windows 7 or Windows 8, 8.1, 10 from a USB flash drive for the first time.

How to install Windows from a USB flash driveHow to make a bootable USB flash driveHow to boot from a USB flash drive
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Solving a problem with a laptop webcam: no picture (black screen)

In our repair practice, sometimes there are “mystical” cases.

We have: a new HP laptop. The camera is visible in the device manager. It’s written in the camera’s properties that the device works fine, but the picture itself is not in Skype or in any other program.

We try to solve the problem in simple ways.
Reinstalling Windows, searching for driver updates on the official website did not produce results. If you check the camera through the popular verification site:

Screenshot of the browser on the webcammictest.com camera verification site
In Skype, we see a black screen and a rotating standby indicator. Continue reading

Computer video card and its purpose
A video card is that device with which the image is displayed on the monitor. Those. without a video card, we won’t see any text or images on the screen,…


A new type of fraud: blocking social. networks
Recently, social networking sites are gaining immense popularity. A social network is a site that visitors themselves are filling in. As a rule, social networks allow you to create a…


Liquid and air cooling of the computer
Now almost every house has a computer. These electronic machines consume kilowatts from our outlets. Of these, only a small part is spent directly on calculations, and the rest is…


Printer selection
In this article we will consider the main types of printers, as well as help to make the right choice of printer. The characteristic features by which printers are distinguished…