Printer prints white sheets - what to do
The printer prints white sheets - a situation that has occurred in almost every office worker or owner of this device, who uses it at home. The bulk of users…

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Monitor calibration
Monitor calibration is a necessary preparatory stage for pre-printing photographs and images, without which all efforts to select the most suitable and spectacular colors will be in vain. Incorrect color…

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X79T LGA 2011 motherboard (X79-Turbo V1.01)
Review of the Chinese motherboard PLEXHD X79 Turbo (the exact marking is X79-Turbo V1.01, also known as X79T) is a promising new fall-winter 2018. The motherboard has standard functionality for…

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help to shine a flashlight

What are SSD drives and how do they work?

Today we will analyze the main points and principles of functioning of the technology of solid-state SSD drives. As you remember, in the first part of the article we conducted a comparative test of one SSD and two HDD drives. We examined how it looks from the inside and of what basic blocks it consists of.

Also – they listed the main advantages of this technology, and now we will consider the disadvantages that are inherent in it at the moment. We will present the main ones in the form of a list:

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How to install windows from a flash drive

In this article, I will answer the three most popular questions that arise for PC users who decide to install Windows 7 or Windows 8, 8.1, 10 from a USB flash drive for the first time.

How to install Windows from a USB flash driveHow to make a bootable USB flash driveHow to boot from a USB flash drive
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Solving a problem with a laptop webcam: no picture (black screen)

In our repair practice, sometimes there are “mystical” cases.

We have: a new HP laptop. The camera is visible in the device manager. It’s written in the camera’s properties that the device works fine, but the picture itself is not in Skype or in any other program.

We try to solve the problem in simple ways.
Reinstalling Windows, searching for driver updates on the official website did not produce results. If you check the camera through the popular verification site:

Screenshot of the browser on the camera verification site
In Skype, we see a black screen and a rotating standby indicator. Continue reading

How to make a bootable USB flash drive Windows 7 and Windows 8
A multiboot flash drive that has several operating systems on board at once, for example, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8, is a very useful tool that any modern…


Computer Central Processing Unit (CPU)
Today we are considering the central processing unit of the computer CPU (Central Processing Unit - Central Processing Unit or CPU). This is the heart of the system unit or,…


Computer system unit, device and composition
So, what does the computer system unit consist of? An important clarification here is that under the word “computer” different people can mean, oddly enough, different things: a monitor, a…


How paper quality affects printer wear
This material will help many users to find out a useful thing, namely, how the quality of the paper affects the wear of the printer, and which paper to buy…