Sound card for computer
Sound card is an integral attribute of a multimedia computer. Previously, when PCs were ancient and terribly slow, you had to buy a sound card for a computer separately, select…

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Computer motherboard, what is it for and what does it look like
The computer motherboard is that foundation on which all the components of the system unit are built. The role of the computer motherboard cannot be overestimated. After all, it depends…

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How paper quality affects printer wear
This material will help many users to find out a useful thing, namely, how the quality of the paper affects the wear of the printer, and which paper to buy…

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Printer selection

In this article we will consider the main types of printers, as well as help to make the right choice of printer. The characteristic features by which printers are distinguished are the following: print quality and speed, the amount of internal memory, the possibility of compatibility with computers of various generations and operating systems.
There are currently several types of printers:
* matrix
* inkjet
* laser
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How to apply thermal grease to the processor

In this article I will talk about such an important point in computer business – replacing thermal paste on the processor. You will learn how to properly apply thermal grease to the processor, how often you need to change thermal grease, and why do you need thermal grease and why to change it.

Why do I need to change thermal grease?
The processor contributes to a huge number of operations within one second. Such a high intensity is fraught with the danger of overheating. To eliminate this problem, fans with special radiators are used. Close contact with the cooler, where the heat transfer occurs, is due to the use of thermal paste – the original insulator. Approximately similar processes occur with the video card. Continue reading

Monitor Calibration Devices

Monitor calibration devices allow both calibration and profiling. Most calibrators look like a computer mouse and attach to the display. Included with the device is a program that displays on the monitor a consistent set of colors and tones that are measured and recorded by the device.

The most common calibrators are:

ColorEyes Display,
ColorVision Spyder,
Rite Eye-One Display,
ColorMunki Photo. Continue reading

Solving a problem with a laptop webcam: no picture (black screen)
In our repair practice, sometimes there are "mystical" cases. We have: a new HP laptop. The camera is visible in the device manager. It’s written in the camera’s properties that…


Download and install the driver on a Canon F158200 printer for Windows
Installing a driver on a printer / scanner is a task that even inexperienced PC users often face. As a rule, a person searches for drivers on the Internet. Hundreds…


Error 0xC1900101
An error starting with 0xC1900101 is usually a driver error. If you see any of these error codes, follow the steps below to resolve the issue. If these steps do…


How to boot a laptop from a flash drive?
In order for us to be able to boot the laptop from a flash drive, disk, or other media, the so-called hot keys were invented, allowing you to get into…